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Shopsabre CNC Routers and CNC Plasmas

From the ground up, ShopSabre CNC is an American manufactured CNC system. Every machine built here is constructed from top quality components from name brand manufacturers.  Each and every component manufactured and installed on a ShopSabre CNC system  is closely monitored to ensure every machine works flawlessly and the way we would expect of equipment we use. With this as the philosophy of ShopSabre: customer service is everything. The machines are tested rigorously before they leave to ensure power, precision, quality and reliability will remain with every machine.

Currently with over 4700 machines around the world in over 29 + countries, ShopSabre CNC has experienced enormous growth in the past several years. With the machine receiving recognition from some of the largest manufacturers of cabinets, vehicles, aerospace, signs, and many other industries. Many top business owners and engineers are seeing that you do not have to spend $100k or more on a machine that can produce precision parts three shifts a day every day of the week.

ShopSabre CNC is continuing to be on the cutting edge of CNC technology with the release in August ’12 of the one of the most advanced and powerful machines for under $100,000. With the ability to monitor ever part of the build cycle and every industrial component that is put on the machine, ShopSabre CNC still ensures every machine is built to perfection before it leaves regardless if it is a CNC cnc router, CNC laser engraver, CNC plasma system, CNC tangential knife or other.

Benefits of Joining the Shopsabre Family:

ShopSabre CNC puts additional time and money into assuring that each CNC system is 100% TESTED prior to leaving our facility so you won’t be doing the testing in the field. The ShopSabre CNC system is designed to drop into your building and go to work with no assembly required and little installation time. We build your machine specific for YOU!

ShopSabre CNC puts more time and effort into verifying each mounting bracket, frame, spindle plate, motor mount, and gantry is machined to exacting specs for increased accuracy and better fitments to assure you do not get any binding or excessive wear.

 ShopSabre CNC uses High Grade CNC wiring (Continuous Flex Robotic) that is specifically designed for the type of work a CNC system does. It can bend and move all day without having any issues and the anti-interference coating assures the wires are less likely to have interference from other electronic equipment in your shop, assuring you get the most accuracy possible. Many competitors use a cheap wire that can be purchased off the shelf for less money, yet they still charge comparable pricing. Don’t be fooled by companies not putting quality into their systems and charging you the same price or more. Dollar for Dollar we provide you with a more quality component then comparably priced machines!

Unlike many competitors that offer Laser calibrations by request only, we do this as a part of EVERY build to assure our machines are as accurate as possible. We also stress release all steel to confirm the machine is straight and true ultimately giving you more precision in your cuts.

ShopSabre CNC is fully upgradable, if you want to start with the basics and move to the bells and whistles down the road almost every option, with few exceptions can be added after the sale in the field. (Ask Sales for Details) Don’t cut quality because you have a budget, go with a system that can grow with your company not a system you have to replace in a few months or years!

ShopSabre CNC designs these systems to be easy to work on so you do not need a ShopSabre CNC technician to come into your facility to help, we make it so that you inquire low operational cost yet get a big return on your investment.

If you do find yourself in need of help ShopSabre CNC offers FREE life-time tech support and assistance because we are that confident that our machine will last a life-time. If a manufacturer builds a product we believe they should back it because we know the quality that comes with our systems and we live by this philosophy. The ShopSabre systems can also be connected via internet to a ShopSabre technician allowing us to be there sooner at no cost to you!

 ShopSabre CNC sales staff is not paid on commission, this is very important to us because this means the only reason for them to recommend an option is truly to benefit your project and machine capabilities. ShopSabre CNC has no reason to encourage you to spend more money than you need to up front to perform your job.

ShopSabre CNC is Truly American made, we understand the market better than most competitive systems and we are determined to provide quality work in everything we do from Sales, Service, and Machine Quality!
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